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Expert Commercial Roof Maintenance & Inspection Dallas

The key to a stable and durable roof by is scheduling regular maintenance. If you choose to ignore routine maintenance, costly repairs may soon follow. At Martin-Tomlinson Roofing, we believe in catching roofing troubles early. Our commercial roof maintenance & inspection in Dallas will save you time and money. We recommend scheduling maintenance once or twice per year for the best results.

Roofs Need Maintenance and Preventative Care

You’ve likely heard the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Maintenance is the ounce of prevention. Repairs are the pound of cure. Despite many companies realizing the importance of maintenance, most businesses don’t make it a priority even though delaying roof maintenance often leads to visible damage, including broken flashings and water damage.

A roof maintenance program from Martin-Tomlinson Roofing offers many benefits, such as:

  • Minimizing downtime, preserving revenue, and reducing repairs
  • Improving tenant, customer, and employee satisfaction
  • Preventing accidents and injuries
  • Improved air quality, reducing mold and mildew issues
  • Preventing energy loss
  • Improving reflective performance

Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

Your commercial roof is an investment. It provides safety and security not only to your employees, but to your customers as well. With proper maintenance, your roof could very well last for years to come. By addressing minor issues today, you save money tomorrow!

  • Remove all debris, such as gravel, leaves, and twigs. These retain water, causing mold and algae growth, water damage, and standing water
  • Clear field drains of debris to prevent standing water
  • Inspect the roof for structural damage
  • Check the flashing
  • Inspect roof seams and transitions
  • Watch for discoloration and moss growth

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To set up your very own commercial roof maintenance in Dallas, contact Martin-Tomlinson Roofing by calling 214-388-4871. With our crew on your side, we’ll catch potential issues before damage has a chance to set in.